During life the body has to cope with the many stresses and strains we place upon it, including trauma, injuries, poor diet, lack of exercise, overworking, stress and illness. Unfortunately there is a limit to the amount and frequency of stress that the body can absorb.  When this limit is reached the self regulating and repairing mechanisms are unable to maintain health resulting in pain, discomfort or disease.

Have you ever wondered why after an injury you end up with pain in another area or why pain comes on for no apparent reason?

The tissues of the body display extensive continuity so although pain
may be felt in one area, the actual cause may be at a distant site.  Osteopaths aim to resolve the source of the complaint, preventing reoccurrences.  For example, a sprained ankle may heal over time but if the alignment of the joint is disrupted problems such as low back pain may develop weeks, months or even years later.  In order to resolve the low back pain the ankle must also be addressed.