The osteopath develops a thinking, feeling, knowing sense of touch called palpation, much like a blind person learning to read Braille.  Palpation is used to diagnose and treat the body by:-

  1. determining areas of altered tension
  2. encouraging balance and free movement in joints, connective tissues, nerves, muscles, ligaments, organs and fluids (blood, lymph and cerebrospinal).  

The body’s own inherent mechanisms can then self-repair and maintain health.

This inherent capacity for self repair occurs because all cells have an indwelling “blueprint” or plan of how they are supposed to function.  Our goal is to put you in touch with your personal blueprint to restore health.

This can be compared to standing inside a tent, holding on to the centre pole.  If one or more of the guy ropes are too tight, you will feel the pole being pulled to one side.  In order to straighten the pole, you would take it slightly toward the tighter side, releasing the tension from that rope and allowing someone on the outside (i.e. the body) to easily adjust the tension.  The pole can then straighten without force.